1. Open an account

To become an investor in our excellent investment program you must create a registered user account with us. A registered account gives you full control of making deposits, monitor your charges, making profit withdrawals and earn more with our multi-level affiliate program. You must provide your Bitcoin address while registering with us.

2. Explore Your Account

Login to your registered account and explore all the investment offers. Your investments will receive a daily profit that depends upon your account deposits. You can make unlimited investment deposits anytime. Each of the plan will have its own terms and accrual rates. You get a forever income while the deposits become part of our assets.

3. Make your First Investment

You can make your first investment with a minimum limit of 0.003 Bitcoin. When you specify the amount, you want to invest and click “Deposit” a unique Bitcoin address will be generated. You will have to send the investment to this Bitcoin address. you must wait for 24 hours for it to reflect.

4. Watch your Investments Grow

We maintain a transparent system of profits generated. You can check the accrued profits every 24 hours in your account. Your investments can earn 9-15% Daily Forever depending upon your deposits. Remember you will receive returns all seven days of the week.

5.Withdraw your Earnings

Once your BTC balance reaches 0.0001 BTC, you can request for withdrawal. There is no upper limit to the number of withdrawals and amount of each withdrawal. Remember, you cannot withdraw your deposits but only profits. Ensure the Bitcoin address that will receive the withdrawn amount is correct. We are not liable if the Bitcoin address provided by you was not your intended receiver.

6. Share your Earnings with Others

Elect Blocks LTD recommends the Multi-Level Affiliate program to you. With the same investments, you can earn more. You need to share the unique affiliate program link to your network. If anyone connects to us through your referral link, you can earn 6%-2%-1% step commission depending upon the level at which the new investor joined the program.