Share our automated cryptocurrency concept with others and enjoy financial benefits - it's that simple.

3-level affiliate commission is available for any of our members; there are no limitations on who can earn it.

Regular affiliate commission works on 3 levels - 6-2-1% - meaning that you will also be able to benefit from your referrals' referrals. You don't need an active investment to earn it.

Just share your affiliate link that's available in your personal account with others,
and as soon as an individual registers using your link, he automatically becomes your referral.
The affiliate program allows you to receive additional profit from participating in our project. In addition to the fact that you receive income from the investment according to the chosen investment plan, your account can be replenished at the expense of investors invited by you. To do this, you need to perform a number of simple actions. First, you talk about your success and the possibilities of investing in the cryptocurrency. Second, give a referral link for registration to all comers. Third, make a profit as soon as your referral makes his first deposit.
Money is credited to your account, and you can absolutely freely dispose of them - make another deposit or withdraw immediately.


Present our project to your friends, family, or any other community, advertise & promote it everywhere and enjoy the financial benefits. You don't even need an active deposit to receive affiliate commission.

Get Affiliates & Earn Money

Once someone registers through your referral link, he automatically becomes your referral! You will receive 5% referral commission for every deposit that your direct referral makes from his Bitcoin wallet. We also offer a second level referral commission - 2%.& 3nd level 1%